Looking for the best translation company in Dubai?


Here’s a tip on how to move forward safe with your translation services in Dubai market.

You will receive dozens of email offers from translation providers, who always write very well about their offered services, promise on high quality, and even nail the prices down to the cost of typing services.

Nevertheless, you will find it complicated to choose amongst hundreds of service providers, when they all name themselves; “the best translation company in Dubai”.

Here you need to handpick the real best translation company in Dubai; the service provider who can fulfil on their promise,

not only along with the first translation order, but who can maintain the same service level throughout a long term of relationship.

To do this like a pro, you need not to look at the words given in the initial offer you received via e mail, but the words written in the translation of a sample given to you, because this will be the main KPI to judge the quality of the translation service.

If you receive the quality of translation you are looking for, then a service level agreement with clear standards will help maintain the line of commitment with your translation service along the journey.


Our Translation Quality Assurance Team has been always in the keen look-out to enhance our quality promise through 5 key standards:

  1. Project Study and Analysis to spot the target audience
  2. Pipelining the document to either specialized translation, localization, geo-localization, and accordingly apply the project journey. 
  3. Placement of hand-picked expert translators, who MUST have 10+ years subject-matter experience
  4. Implementation of the minimum process of translation quality (translation > review > proofreading > editing) to ensure delivery of a new master copy in the target language
  5. Extra add-on language services when needed have to be included, like Transcreation (creative translation with editing), or copy-editing (creative re-writing of contents), where cultural difference must be considered.

The Best Translation Company in Dubai MUST DO:

  • Hire native speaker translators with 5+ years of experience
  • Hire specialized translators with proven experience in the field of your document and/or content
  • Run detailed review by a professional linguist who master the subject matter of the content
  • Run a detailed proofreading by a native proofreader to ensure that the final throughput of translation is error-free of grammatical mistakes and language issues
  • Have the translation copy given a professional styling by an expert editor, who will restyle the segments of texts to produce a new original text in the target language.  
  • And Finally, implement a stringent quality control process that ensures your translation copy is up to the international standards of language services, with consideration to cultural differences.

The Best Translation Company in Dubai MUST NOT TO DO:

  • Hire naïve second language speakers, who come from other industries, seeking online income from freelancing translation services
  • Perform what they called (one-shot translation), because simply the human error will leave no chance but to prejudice the translation copy
  • Hire general translators to translate any type of documents/contents
  • Has a one-man-show style of the solo translator/manager of the translation company claiming that he/she owns a wide-scale organization but finally fails to give proper attention to each and every project.

We believe you’ve reached the same conclusion like many others do…

Yes, the translation market is totally disoriented due to vast volume of non-professional market players who attempt to attract you with low rates but still promise of high quality.

We, at WORDWIDE Translation Services, have been providing thousands of clients with top-notch quality translation that have been always trusted as the most fast, accurate and professional translation services in Dubai as the key business hub of the ME and in different markets worldwide.

Best Translation Company In Dubai

At WORDWIDE Translation Services, we do apply our international certified translation standards to each and every single translation order, be it a 1-page or 10k pages project. That’s why we’ve earned our name as the best translation company in Dubai.

Offering our unique blend of translation, language and content services to thousands of clients worldwide.

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